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How to Create Winning Facebook Ads for Roofing Companies

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There isn’t a more effective lead generation strategy than Facebook ads for roofing companies, especially for top-of-the-funnel prospects. Some roofing companies have tried Facebook ads and failed miserably, and they end up writing off social media advertising entirely.

While it might be viewed as a waste of time by those that don’t see results, there is a reason their effort wasn’t successful. Facebook ads require a very fin tuned strategy and an in-depth understanding of the platform to drive results.

It’s easy to blame the platform rather than admit they didn’t target the correct audience, use the correct creatives and marketing message, or take the time to learn how to optimize and adjust. There is a steep learning curve, but the eventual results are worthwhile in terms of cost-per-lead and the quality of leads.

Many roofing companies that we work with have successful Facebook ad campaigns, and it’s because everything is well thought out and doesn’t attempt to go for the sale right away. This is where most roofing company Facebook ad campaigns make the first mistake. Nobody is going to hire your roofing company based on an ad they see online from your company in their Facebook feed the first time.

Buying a new roof is an expensive undertaking and one that is typically done after numerous quotes and estimates have been collected. Facebook ads for roofing companies need to have a value-driven marketing approach with a focus on education and information. Let’s dive into what contributes to creating a successful Facebook advertising campaign for roofing leads.

Why Roofing Facebook Ads Perform Exceptionally Well

The reason Facebook ads are a great source for top-level roofing leads is that the majority of adults – and homeowners – are active on the social network. The stats alone make it obvious that paid ads on Facebook need to be part of your roofing marketing strategy.

  1. The average user spends nearly an hour every day on Facebook
  2. More than 190 million users in the United States

One of the reasons Facebook ads work so well for most companies once they are optimized is because every possible target audience can be targeted. As you learn how targeting works you will begin to get creative with interest-based options, helping you market to a very active audience.

Because of the social media aspect, it gives you the chance to deliver initial marketing messages that are focused on building a relationship and not going in for the sale right away. Nobody is going to buy a roof after clicking on a single ad, especially on Facebook. There is no better place to establish a business-consumer relationship than on the most active and largest social media network.

Focus on Providing Value to Attract Roofing Leads Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is unlike any other marketing channel, and because of the environment, you need to always lead with value. Rather than an ad that just offers your roofing service, provide some information or insight that accomplishes two things:

  1. Informs and educates the consumer, sharing some helpful tips that they are unlikely to find anywhere else.
  2. Positions your roofing company as the most knowledgeable and helpful.

No matter how good your ad creative is, it’s essentially interrupting the users’ browsing. They didn’t ask to see the ad in their feed. It just showed up.

Use Downloadable Content Assets to Attract More Roofing Leads

It’s a good idea to offer a tangible download, such as an eBook or case study, for a lead magnet. The more attractive your offer, the more opt-ins it will generate. EBooks have been used for years by most service businesses and they continue to perform well.

You want to create a content asset that can be downloaded and looked at later, which provides value, insight, and causes the consumer to become interested in your roofing services. You can also test video content consisting of demonstrations, before and after examples, or even create podcast episodes that explain specific roofing scenarios and talk about the benefits of roof replacements.

Another great idea for a content asset is a breakdown of how new roofs can increase home values in terms of dollar amounts as well as how they can contribute to homes sitting on the market for far fewer days than those with old roofs.

To get this data, consider partnering with a local real estate company, and in exchange for the data, reference them in the eBook. It’s free marketing for them and something they can gather fairly quickly for you.

Understand How Facebook Targeting Works

The ad copy and the offer can be excellent, but if your targeting is off the entire roofing Facebook ads campaign will fail. It all comes down to targeting in the end and targeting local consumers who are likely to be in the market for or open to exploring a new roof is very difficult.

The first step is to target homeowners in your area, and then also target by interests and estimated income. You can use common sense to target those that are likely to have available disposable income for a new roof, as well as those that are likely to understand the value a new roof adds to their home value.

You will want to go wide and get your ads in front of a large audience, focused only on impressions. With great ad copy, creative images or vide, and offers, you can then create a remarketing list that consists of those that engaged with your first-level ads.

Focusing on impressions is the most cost-effective way to get your initial ads out there. Your second-layer ads that are only shown to your remarketing list can be on a CPC basis as the likelihood of them attracting qualified clicks is greater since those seeing the ads have previously interacted with your ads and are familiar with your roofing company.

These second-layer ads that are shown to your remarketing lists need to direct prospects off Facebook and to an optimized landing page on your website.

Send Clicks to an Optimized Landing Page

Be sure to create landing pages that are optimized for the ad and offer that is driving the traffic. For example, if the ad is promising a guide that explains why a new roof can help sell a home for above market value, make sure that is the offer they are directed to.

If they land on a page that is a generic lead generation form there will be a major disconnect. Remove all distractions from your landing pages – no navigation, no sidebar, no additional CTAs.

The visitor should have two options:

  1. Complete the offer and convert to a lead
  2. Leave the page

Be sure to send all leads to a thank you page once they submit. This page should set their expectations. Let them know that you will be sending them some tips and information over the next couple of weeks.

This can then be built out into an automated email marketing funnel designed to warm the prospect up, even more, preparing them for a more aggressive pitch down the line.

Your thank you page should also have a phone number and welcome calls for those interested in speaking to someone right away. You never know if a prospect is hot and ready to close – this opens the door for that to happen if so.

Final Thoughts

Facebook ads can help you attract more quality roofing leads and fill your funnel consistently with prospects that have an interest in your services. The targeting options that Facebook offers its advertisers are far superior to other ad platforms.

Gone are the days of buying data from lead brokers and list providers, allowing you to attract highly targeted prospects from your local area. You have full control to create offers and marketing messages to attract very specific leads.

If you have any questions about roofing Facebook ads or would like to learn more about our roofing marketing services, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We will be more than happy to explain how to create a winning Facebook advertising campaign for roofing companies and answer any questions that you may have.

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